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  • Site Contact: Dan Mahon; (434) 296-5844,
  • Site Access: Free, open daily from sunrise to sunset
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Site PJR06: Dorrier Park and Canal Walk


Dorrier Park, with its pleasant trail along the berm separating the open playing fields from the railway, is the perfect spot for an afternoon or early morning walk. Along the trail, hikers can take in the commanding view of the park and nearby treetops. In the southwest corner of the park, a small wastewater pond offers a haven for numerous woodchucks, and could host a variety of waterfowl during migration. The open parklands and scattered trees hold numerous blue jays, northern mockingbirds and large numbers of mourning doves in the fall. In the early evenings, large numbers of turkey and black vultures can be seen as they congregate before roosting just south of the park. In spring and summer, a wide variety of colorful butterflies can be seen flitting across the open fields. Look for eastern tiger and black swallowtails along with viceroys, monarchs and red-spotted purples. Dragonflies can also abound especially near the wastewater pond with eastern pondhawks, eastern amberwings and slaty skimmers being the primary players.


From Totier Creek Park, return to Rt. 726 and turn right. Follow this for a short distance to Warren Street and turn right following Warren Street into Scottsville. Follow Warren Street to its intersection with Valley Street. Turn right on Valley Sreet and proceed 4 blocks to Main Street and turn right and continue to Page Street. Turn left (south) on Page Street and follow it south to Dorrier Park.

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