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Site PHP04: Cumberland State Forest


Sandwiched between SR 45 and the Cumberland/Buckingham County border, this woodland is rich in diverse habitats interconnected by a variety of trails. The most well known of these, the Cumberland Multi-Use Trail and Willis River Trail, adjoin with the extensive trail system at Bear Creek Lake State Park. While hiking, bicycling or horseback riding through the state forest, listen for the far-carrying calls of pileated woodpeckers or play hide-and-seek with the hyperactive gray squirrels that seem to hide behind every pine tree. Great blue herons and a variety of waterfowl decorate the numerous ponds throughout the forest. Watch as pied-billed grebes surface from time to time joined by osprey that may stop by in search of a snack. Keep an eye on the tree lines where white-tailed deer and wild turkeys may be found quietly watching from just inside their cover. Once in the woods, a careful ear will hear the soft rustling of brown thrashers or perhaps eastern box turtles in the leaf litter. Check each patch of wildflowers for red-spotted purples and black swallowtails along with numerous other butterflies.


Bear Creek Lake State Park is located within the confines of Cumberland State Forest. From Bear Creek Lake State Park return on Rt. 666/Bear Creek Lake Road. To Rt. 629/Oak Hill Road. Follow this road for 4.1 miles through the forest to Rt. 629/Oak Hill Road. Numerous access roads branch off of Rt. 629 providing access to the forest.

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