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  • Site Contact: Tom Thorp; (804) 262-5055
  • Site Access: Free, open daily sunrise to sunset
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Site PHE04: Deep Run Park


Deep Run Park has an extensive area of woodlands dotted with ponds as well as a swampy creek bed complete with boardwalk. Walking trails crisscross through the woods and encircle each of the ponds. While traveling around the ponds look for eastern painted turtles and eastern river cooters basking near the surface. As you scan, don't forget to look for eastern amberwings, slaty skimmers and other dragonflies skimming the surface. Check along the wooded streambeds between ponds for eastern phoebes sitting quietly, occasionally joined by a red-shouldered hawk soaring overhead. As you enter the woods listen in the leaf litter for the rustling of five-lined skinks or perhaps an eastern box turtle. Amongst the northern cardinals and Carolina wrens, listen for the sharp calls of northern flicker or brown thrasher. Once winter comes, yellow-rumped warblers can be heard chipping in the treetops and American goldfinches scattering overhead in small overly energetic flocks. For those with good hearing, the high pitched squeaks and whistles of cedar waxwings and golden-crowned kinglets can be heard. Butterflies are also numerous in the park and viceroys, question marks, pearl crescents and others should all be looked for amongst the blooming wildflowers, and along the moist creek beds.


From Meadow Farm return on Mountain Road 1.3 miles to US 33/Staples Mill Road. Turn left onto Staples Mill Road and continue for 2.2 miles to Hungry Road. Turn right onto Hungary Road and proceed 2.5 miles to the intersection of Springfield and Hungary Roads. Hungary becomes Gaskins at this light. Continue straight on Gaskins for 2.3 miles to Ridgefield Pkwy. Turn right (west) and follow it for 0.3 miles to the park on the right.

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