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Site PHE02: Echo Lake Park


This modest lake sits on the Meredith Branch of the Chickahominy River, northwest of Richmond. Home to Canada geese year-round, Echo Lake's upper swampier reaches host wood ducks and the occasional pair of mallards. In migration, check for other species of ducks or shorebirds in the shallower areas, in addition to the regularly occurring killdeer. Follow the walking trail surrounding the lake through patches of mature deciduous trees as it heads upstream along Meredith Branch. Check the waterside trees for belted kingfishers or listen for their far-carrying rattle. Once in the woods watch and listen for eastern chipmunks and gray squirrels which seem to pop up everywhere. Woodpeckers also appear in numbers with red-bellied and downy being especially numerous and northern flickers stopping in from time to time. Migrant warblers and vireos occasionally supplement resident Carolina chickadees and tufted titmice. The lake acts as a magnet for dragonflies, especially the striking widow and slaty skimmers, eastern amberwings and common whitetails. Butterflies are also plentiful; look for hackberry emperors, common buckeyes and pearl crescents fluttering along the shore.


Leaving Scotchtown, return south to Rt. 671/Scotchtown Road. Continue south for 4.3 miles on Rt. 671/Scotchtown Road. To US 33/Mountain Road. Turn left (south) on US 33 and follow it 8.0 miles to SR 157/Springfield Road. Go right (west) for 0.6 miles to Echo Lake Park.

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