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Site PGS04: Walton Park, Town of Mineral


Walton Park is best known for hosting the Mineral Bluegrass Festival every July when dozens of world-renowned artists converge in the park for a fantastic party and some amazing bluegrass music. At other times of the year, the park is a quiet getaway. At this time, the only noise is from raucous flocks of Carolina chickadees and tufted titmice as they clamber around the canopy. Occasionally they'll be joined by a few white-breasted nuthatches or a few migrants like black-throated green warbler and yellow-throated vireo. During the winter visitors are in a prime position to spot birds without any leaves obscuring their view. Check any dead wood for red-bellied or downy woodpeckers, northern flicker and perhaps yellow-bellied sapsucker. Once spring returns and the wildflowers begin to bloom, turn your attention to the identifying marks of red-spotted purple butterflies or curious-looking American snouts which are often brave enough to use you as a perch.


From the Town of Louisa Park, return to US 33/W. Main Street and go right (southeast) for 0.7 miles to SR 22/Davis Highway. Continue east on SR 22 for 5.0 miles to US 522. Continue straight on US 522 for 0.3 miles to E 5th Street. Turn left on E 5th Street and go less than 0.1 mile to Louisa Avenue. Turn right and go less than 0.1 mile to the first left into the park.

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