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Site PCU09: Mt. Run Lake Park


Mountain Run Lake Park sits on the north shore of its namesake lake, providing tremendous views of the water and the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge in the distance. The park follows the shoreline with a mix of open fields, hardwood forest and patches of pine trees. On arrival, scan the open waters of the lake for waterfowl. This usually includes Canada geese, but other species to look for include gadwall, American widgeon and ruddy duck. Amongst the regular visitors, such as pied-billed grebe and double-crested cormorant, be on the look out for something less common, such as a common loon or perhaps a group of tundra swans. The banks of the lake attract numerous killdeer and could hold other shorebirds during migration. On the hillsides above the lake, search the pine groves for American goldfinch and pine warblers. These pines can support large roosting flocks of red-winged blackbirds and could turn up a golden-crowned kinglet or purple finch during the colder months of the year. For insect watchers, spring and summer hold numerous nimble eastern amberwings and rambur's forktails. The fields nearby host black saddlebags and the occasional wandering glider. Butterflies can be equally abundant with black swallowtails, viceroys and common buckeyes all vying for your attention.


From Lake Pelham Public Boat Landing, return southwest on Rt. 1025/Henretty Drive for 0.2 miles to Rt. 718. Turn right (west) on Rt. 718/Mountain Run Lake Road for 1.8 miles to JB Carpenter Jr. Drive. Turn left and follow it for 0.2 miles to the lake.

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