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  • Site Access: Free, open daily sunrise to sunset, permit required for boat launch
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Site PCU08: Lake Pelham Public Boat Landing


Lake Pelham Public Boat Landing provides a glimpse of the wildlife to be found at Lake Pelham. For those wishing to see more, they will need to use a boat to explore the rest of the lake. This is not to say there is not plenty to be seen at the boat landing alone. The first things people are likely to notice upon arrival are the resident Canada geese and few feral mute swans. Check around the reed edges for other species such as wood duck, American coot and pied-billed grebe. During winter the lake can often support rafts of American widgeon, gadwall, northern shoveler, and ruddy ducks, to name a few. A good variety of landbirds is also present. The mazes of shallow channels that converge at the boat landing are filled with eastern painted turtles, sunning themselves in large groups of a dozen or more. The numerous dead snags in the area support belted kingfishers and may occasionally turn up an osprey. In warmer weather the boat landing is a favored spot by dragonflies such as prince baskettail, eastern pondhawk and common whitetail; these odonates are often joined by eastern tiger swallowtails, common buckeyes and the occasional American snout.


From Kelly's Ford return to US15/29 South and follow it to Rt. 718/Mountain Run Lake Road. Go right (north) for 0.3 miles to Rt. 1025/Henretty Drive. Turn right (north) and follow it for 0.2 miles to Lake Pelham Public Boat Landing.

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