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Site MTJ05: The Wintergreen Nature Foundation's Trillium House at Wintergreen Resort


Elevation: 3665 ft. This is a limited access, planned community on 11,000 acres of Blue Ridge Forest. Approximately 6000 acres of this land remains as open, undeveloped forest with over 30 miles of hiking trails and scenic vistas. High elevations are conducive to attracting nesting neotropical migrants such as the scarlet tanager, rose-breasted grosbeak and black-throated blue warbler. The woodlands are alive with bird song in the spring and early summer, with an occasional call of veery echoing through the forest. In winter, look for red crossbill, black-capped chickadee, and red-breasted nuthatch. Other wildlife roams through these woods; the black bear and bobcat are elusive, but can sometimes be seen late in the evenings or early in the mornings. Blue Ridge two-lined and northern dusky salamanders may be found beneath rocks and logs in moist woodland floors or along the creeks. Because this area is so extensive, visitors are asked to stop by the Trillium House, a nature/visitor's center and purchase a trail map. With over 24 blazed trails, numerous mountain overlooks, 30 miles of hiking trails, and a nature preserve, an orientation of the area is almost imperative. In addition, the Trillium House offers several nature event brochures and maintains updated sightings of plants and animals.


From the Rockfish Gap Hawkwatch (Inn at Afton), follow the signs to continue south on the Blue Ridge Parkway for approximately 13.5 miles to its intersection with Rt. 664. Turn left onto Rt. 664 and continue 1.1 miles, curving left to the entrance to the Wintergreen Resort. Check in at the check-in station and continue 3.0 miles to the Trillium House on the left, follow signs to Devil's Knob.

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