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Site MTC07: Potters Creek Farm


Elevation: 969 ft. Potters Creek Farm offers a glimpse into the day-to-day activities of a working tobacco farm. The farm also provides access to several hundred acres of mixed brush lands and pines in various stages of growth. The farm has been managed to promote habitat for bobwhite quail making it an excellent site to search for this declining species. Other birds to search for include indigo bunting and prairie warbler in summer, while a variety of sparrows join resident cardinals and blue jays in winter. If the visitor travels further away from the road there are several ponds that should be checked for migrant waterfowl in spring and fall. The fields of Potters Farm hold a healthy population of white-tailed deer as well as supporting more furtive creatures such as red fox and the occasional river otter. The streams that crisscross the farm are perfect for searching out a variety of damsel and dragonflies and the fields should be checked for numerous wildflowers and their attendant butterflies. Route 899, (Potters Creek Road) is a quiet country lane that offers an opportunity to drive slowly and view wildlife. There are many pull off points and farm roads for parking or further exploration.


From Turkeycock Wildlife Management Area, continue north on Rt. 619 for 2.4 miles to Rt. 890. Turn right on Rt. 890 and travel northeast 8.0 miles to Rt. 899. Turn left and follow Rt. 899 1.9 miles to the two-story gray house on the right. The farm encompasses the fields on both sides of the road. Ask at the farmhouse about access to the rolling hills and bottomlands.

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