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Site MTC02: Virginia Museum of Natural History


Elevation: 992 ft. The Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville provides the visitor with a closer look at the geology and history of the area. The museum also hosts extensive fossil, geologic, insect and mammal collections that serve as valuable resources for ongoing Virginia natural history research. The site is an important one for anyone interested in the natural processes that have created the environment we see today. The museum plays host to a seasonal congregation of chimney swifts in September when hundreds roost in the museum's massive brick chimney. Other species found over time in the thin grove of trees behind the museum include brown-headed nuthatch and a variety of migrant passerines in addition to the more common chickadees and titmice. The museum will be moving in the next few years to an area close to Frank Wilson Park. This new site should provide the opportunity for encounters with an even higher diversity of wildlife.


From Fisher Farm Park, return to the intersection of US 220 Business and Rt. 782 in Martinsville. Continue north on US 220 Business 4.2 miles to Douglas Ave. Turn left into the museum parking area.

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