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Site MSL11: I.C. DeHart Memorial Park


Elevation: 1398 ft. I.C. DeHart Memorial Park supports a beautiful reclaimed wetland site with a boardwalk and extensive interpretive information. Numerous signs in the area provide information about the insects, reptiles, birds and plants found in the wetland as well as documenting the history of its creation and ongoing community involvement in studying its ecology. The wetland serves as an obvious focus for the wildlife watcher to search the reeds for red-winged blackbirds in summer, swamp sparrows in winter and perhaps a common snipe during migration. The surrounding sports fields support open country species such as eastern bluebird and killdeer, while the bordering woodlands support chickadees, titmice and the occasional red-bellied and downy woodpeckers. Search the wetland in spring and summer for a variety of amphibians including red-spotted newt and perhaps a turtle or watersnake. Dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies abound in the varied vegetation. A new asphalt walking trail is a wonderful addition for more physically challenged visitors.


From the Mountain Rose Inn Bed & Breakfast, follow SR 40 northeast for 0.8 miles to the park on the left.

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