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Site MSL10: The Mountain Rose Inn Bed & Breakfast


Elevation: 1379 ft. This bed and breakfast is nestled along the banks of Rock Castle Creek, and encompasses 100 acres of forestlands. A few blazed trails traverse through open meadows, hardwood forests and creekside habitats. The woods hold nesting yellow-billed cuckoo, scarlet tanager, hooded and Kentucky warblers, and Acadian and great-crested flycatchers. Pileated woodpecker and barred owl also reside here. Along the creek you may also see a heron. Creeks and spring-fed streams also hold anuran treasures such as spring peeper and green frog. Salamanders, such as red-backed salamander, may be found burrowing beneath the sand under rock beds. On a recent visit, the traditionally difficult-to-spy clamp-tipped emerald, a dazzling dragonfly, was found depositing eggs in a muddied streambed. Open areas are inviting to northern bobwhite, which are often heard calling in the distance. Wildflowers in bloom attract cabbage white, orange sulphur, and great spangled fritillary. Rock Castle Creek is home to nesting wood duck and is frequented by hunting green heron and belted kingfisher. Other waterfowl may be seen along this waterway during fall and winter. The butterfly garden planted along the front lawn attracts a large number of skippers, as well as eastern tiger and spicebush swallowtails.


From Lower Rock Castle Creek Trail, return to SR 8, turn right and drive south 2.8 miles to SR 40. Turn left on SR 40 East for 1.7 miles. Immediately after crossing Rock Castle Creek, turn left into the driveway for the Mountain Rose Inn Bed & Breakfast.

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