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Site MSH05: Avens Bridge - South Holston Lake


Notice: As of September 1, 2013 this site will be closed due to replacement of the existing bridge. DGIF is working with VDOT to determine if relocating the site following construction will be feasible.

Elevation: 1767 ft. This site is owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority and managed by the Washington County, VA Park Authority. The parking area on the southeastern end of Avens Bridge provides an ideal vantage point to scan South Holston Lake for waterfowl and shorebirds during migration and winter. In summer, the bridge hosts a nesting colony of cliff swallow. These summer residents can be seen cruising the lake and occasionally dipping down for a sip of water or congregating on the muddy shores to gather mud for their nests. Typical woodland birds can be seen skulking in the thicker foliage of the nearby woodlands.


From Watauga, return to SR 75, turn left and go 0.6 miles to Rt. 672/Parks Mill Road. Turn left on Rt. 672 and continue to Rt. 676. Turn right on Rt. 676 and follow it for approximately 1.9 miles to Rt. 670/Green Spring Church Road. Turn left and continue south 0.4 miles to parking area on the far side of the bridge.

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