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Site MSG04: Mill Creek Lake Park


Elevation: 618 ft. As the largest of the three Amherst County lakes, Mill Creek Lake's elaborate shoreline can lead to many surprises such as roosting great blue herons or perhaps a doe and her fawns coming to drink. In winter the lake should be checked for waterfowl. Take advantage of low water periods throughout migration season to check for various shorebirds. For the dragonfly aficionado, the lake supports a high diversity of species during the summer months. Widow and slaty skimmers, eastern amberwing, black-shouldered spinylegs, blue dasher, and Halloween pennant all occur regularly. Exploring the nearby woods could turn up a variety of woodland bird species while the forest edge is highly decorated with chipping sparrows. Also look for turkey vultures circling high overhead.


From Stonehouse Lake, return to Rt. 610 and go 0.3 miles to Rt. 778. Turn right and proceed 0.4 miles to Rt. 610. Turn left and continue 0.9 miles to Mill Creek Road/Rt. 645. Veer left and travel 0.3 miles to lake.

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