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Site MNR09: Todd Lake


Elevation: 1968 ft. Todd Lake is more accommodating to visitors since it has a few more facilities than most of the sites along this loop, making it an ideal spot to pitch a tent or park the trailer. The park has a bathhouse and a beach where visitors can take a refreshing dip in the lake or just relax on the beach and watch the clouds pass by overhead. Wildlife viewing opportunities abound around the lake, which hosts a variety of waterfowl and wading birds. Be on the look out for great blue heron, wood duck, blue-winged teal, spotted sandpiper and belted kingfisher. Bald eagle and osprey may also drop in from time to time. The neighboring woodland is worth searching for Appalachian songbirds such as eastern wood-pewee, blue-headed and red-eyed vireos, wood thrush and the exquisite scarlet tanager. Check the lakeshore for dragonflies, especially eastern amberwing, widow skimmer and common green darner. Butterflies are more widespread and may include pipevine and eastern tiger swallowtails, silver-spotted skipper, red-spotted purple and great spangled fritillary.


From Hearthstone Lake, turn right onto FR 101 and travel south 1.8 miles to stop sign. Turn right onto FR 95 and continue 3.1 miles. Turn right and go 0.4 miles to parking next to the lake. Use caution on this road, as it may be impassable during winter months.

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