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Site MNR03: Switzer Lake Area


Elevation: 2362 ft. This colossal lake is a sight to behold. The surrounding forested mountains appear to just drop into the lake, making for scenery reminiscent of majestic paintings by the late Bob Ross. The lake should be checked during migration and winter for waterfowl. At other times of the year, it could host great blue and green herons and, on occasion, a bald eagle or osprey may drop in to pick out a bass for dinner. The neighboring hillsides are heavily wooded and host many woodland birds. Pileated woodpeckers can be heard as their loud raucous call reverberates across the lake. American goldfinch twitter overhead and ruffed grouse and wild turkey stalk the roadsides. Careful exploration is sure to reward the visitor.


From Paul State Forest, continue north on Rt. 613 for approximately 3.9 miles to US 33. Turn left on US 33 West and follow it 12.1 miles to FR 227. Turn left on FR 227 and continue 1.1 miles to parking area on the left. Use caution on this road; during winter months it may be impassable.

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