Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail

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  • Site Access: Daily, sunrise-sunset; admission free


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Site MLS06: Leonard's Pond


Elevation: 1181 ft. Leonard's Pond is worth a look any time of year. This small shallow pond has hosted an amazing diversity of birds over the years. Check for shorebirds such as killdeer, solitary and pectoral sandpipers in spring and fall. As the weather gets colder more waterfowl begin to appear. Mallard, gadwall and teal join resident Canada geese and almost anything could turn up. Even in the middle of winter when the pond is frozen solid, the fields and hedgerows are worth checking for raptors and the occasional flock of horned larks.


From Lake Shenandoah, return north on Rt. 687 for 0.4 miles to Rt. 689. Turn right and continue east on Rt. 689 for 1.2 miles to SR 276. Turn right and travel south on SR 276 for approximately 5.1 miles to Rt. 678/Faught's Road. Turn right and go 0.2 miles to pond on right.

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