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  • Site Contact: (540) 432-2335
  • Site Access: Daily, sunrise-sunset; admission free, There is no access to the back side of the lake from June 1 Sept. 1 while summer camps are taking place. Please respect the landowners' request.
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Site MLS04: Lake Campbell


Elevation: 1425 ft. Lake Campbell provides easy access to an idyllic setting filled with water birds. In summer search the banks for great blue and green herons. At other seasons the overhanging willows may host a belted kingfisher. In the winter the lake supports a variety of waterfowl. Search the flocks of Canada geese for mallard, gadwall and ring-necked ducks. A domesticated mute swan lives here; its size and pure white color dramatically standing out from the geese at first glance. Check the wires and treetops for eastern kingbird in summer and eastern bluebird year-round. In summer check over the water and along the banks for a variety of butterflies and dragonflies.


From the Arboretum turn right onto University Blvd. Travel 1.1 miles to US 33/Market Street. Turn right on US 33/Market Street and continue for 1.7 miles to Rt. 687. Turn right on Rt. 687 and proceed 0.7 miles to the lake on the right.

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