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Site MLS03: Long Run Road - Forest Rd. 72


Elevation: 3150 ft. Long Run Road is known for its springtime breeding warblers. The road provides access to a variety of elevations, increasing the possible numbers of breeding warblers. During the spring, search for black-throated green, worm-eating, hooded, and black-and-white warblers. As you ascend the mountain, look for American redstart, northern parula and at increasing elevations, Canada warblers, which have been known to breed at the highest elevations. Other spring and summer residents include common raven, pileated woodpecker, scarlet tanager and rose-breasted grosbeak. As you travel up the mountain, watch the edges of the road carefully for ruffed grouse or wild turkey. A more regular roadside resident is the red-spotted purple, whose easy gliding flight easily differentiates this butterfly from the more manic suite of dark swallowtails. In addition to the wildlife, the trip up Long Road provides beautiful views of Massanutten Mountain.


From Slate Lick Fields, return to Rt. 817 and turn right. Continue for 0.7 miles and turn right on Rt. 612. Follow Rt. 612 for 4.3 miles to FR 72.

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