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Site MLN10: Glen Lyn Park


Elevation: 1499 ft. Glen Lyn Park lies along the east bank of the New River just before the river wanders north into West Virginia. The park provides access to fields and dense foliage along the river, while providing a clear view of the surrounding hilltops and a broad expanse of the New River itself. Directly across from the park, the coal power plant provides a roost for turkey vulture. Careful inspection can turn up the occasional black vulture roosting in their midst. Along the river, search for mourning dove, eastern phoebe, eastern kingbird, American crow, Carolina wren, eastern bluebird, American robin, cedar waxwing, indigo bunting, song sparrow, red-winged blackbird and American goldfinch. Chimney swift, tree swallow, barn swallow and northern rough-winged swallow congregate over the water as they chase insects and descend to the surface for a quick drink. The less disturbed areas of the park hold a variety of wildflowers with their attendant butterflies, whites and pipevine swallowtails being the most numerous.


From the New River access in Ripplemead, return to US 460 West and continue for 6.3 miles to the park on the left.

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