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Site MLN07: River Trail - Eggleston to Pembroke


Elevation: 1659 ft. The stretch of the New River between Eggleston and Pembroke is reputed to be one of the best-kept secrets east of the Mississippi. Over the course of 6.0 miles the river meanders through a convoluted landscape of towering cliffs and deep fissures made of Paleozoic Knoxville dolomite. This, combined with a few riffles and one Class II rapid make for an enjoyable day on the river. The cliffs here provide roosting sites for black and turkey vulture as well as the occasional red-tailed hawk. Swooping ospreys may occasionally drop in for a quick snack of small-mouth bass or flathead catfish. In late summer once the swallows have fledged their young they can often be seen skimming just above the water or performing amazing aerial feats chasing feathers as they softly fall from the sky. Tree, northern rough-winged, barn swallows, and purple martin all occur in the area regularly and cliff and bank swallows could turn up on occasion. Otter are often seen along this stretch of river.


From the access at Big Falls Road, continue on Rt. 625 for 3.9 miles to the junction of Rt. 730. Turn left on to Rt. 730 and travel 1.8 miles to Rt. 622 (right after crossing the Eggleston Bridge over the New River). Turn left on Rt. 622, continue down to the river, and turn right on Old Depot Street. The first launching site is approximately 0.5 miles.

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