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Site MLN06: River Trail - McCoy to Eggleston


Elevation: 1636 ft. The next five sites are all joined by the New River and can be traversed by land or water. Several local outfitters are available to assist you with transportation, personal flotation devices, and river conditions. The stretch of the New River between McCoy and Eggleston is relatively shallow with several stretches of small rapids. As it meanders north, the river passes between Cloyds and Brush Mountain both covered in a verdant carpet of greens. Wildlife is plentiful along the river, especially when one gets away from those areas easily accessible from land. Search the banks for great blue and green herons and great egret as they quietly stalk crawfish and frogs. Muskrat and eastern painted turtle should be searched for on the various fallen trees along the river. Look for snapping turtle who can surface almost anywhere and, in these parts, can grow to an enormous size. Dragonflies are willing companions as visitors paddle downstream. Widow and slaty skimmers come out into the open water, while blue dashers stay closer to shore. Where rocks break the surface creating numerous rapids, look for American rubyspot and powdered dancer resting just above the waterline.


From Bissett Park, return to US 11 North/Norwood Street. Turn right and follow US 11 North across the New River Bridge at the stoplight. Travel 1.1 miles to the intersection of US 11 North and SR 114/Peppers Ferry Road. Turn right onto SR 114/Peppers Ferry Road and continue 4.5 miles to a stoplight at Rt. 685/Price's Fork Road. Turn left onto Price's Fork Road and follow it 3.2 miles to McCoy Road/Rt. 652. Turn left and continue 7.3 miles to Big Falls Road/Rt. 625; turn right and go 0.7 miles to New River Junction on the left. River access is possible here, but is free 0.8 miles further down along Big Falls Road. Site viewable only by boat.

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