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Site MHJ03: Green Valley Farm - Hunters Paradise


Elevation: 1811 ft. This site offers 2400 acres of land managed for hunting and watching wildlife. With 25 miles of roads and trails, the Green Valley Farm also includes photo blinds, feeding stations, and elevated stands that enhance the naturalist's wildlife-viewing opportunities. White-tailed deer are abundant, as are wild turkey. Ruffed grouse and northern bobwhite may be found lurking in hardwood forests and open grass fields, respectively. The surrounding woodlands are home to a number of nesting migrants including American redstart, wood thrush, and eastern wood-pewee. Resident species include pileated woodpecker, barred owl, and red-shouldered hawk. In the fall, look for migrating bald and even golden eagles. Migrant neotropical songbirds can be numerous in the spring and the fall, producing scarlet and summer tanagers, and several species of warblers, thrushes, flycatchers, and vireos. Black bear and red fox, make their homes on the premises, and though elusive, can sometimes be found hunting these extensive grounds. Northern water and black rat snakes hunt for the numerous green and pickerel frogs, especially abundant along wet areas. Site MHJ04 Big Bend Farm


From Sycamore Bend return to Rt. 625 and turn left. Follow Rt. 625 approximately 1.0 miles to Rt. 678. At the stop sign, turn right and travel 5.0 miles to Rt. 629 and turn right. Continue 1.0 miles; Hunter's Paradise signs are on both sides of the road. Turn right to check in at the main lodge.

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