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Site MFT07: Shenandoah Mountain


Elevation: 2875 ft. Located less than 2 miles west of Ramsey's Draft, this site is not only a mountaintop summit, but it is also bears historical significance as one of Virginia's preserved Civil War battlefields. This site offers a walking tour with interpretive signage along the Confederate Breastworks on Shenandoah Mountain. At an approximate elevation of 3500 feet, this is also a wonderful site for hawk-watching in the fall. The scenic views from an open vista along this county-line mountain peak attract most travelers along US 250. The Shenandoah Mountain Trail runs north and south along the crest of the mountain. Hiking trails also lead down to the Ramsey's Draft watershed. Along these trails are numerous opportunities for wildlife-watching (see previous site description)


From Ramsey's Draft, continue west on US 250 for approximately 2.0 miles to Shenandoah Mountain. To return to I-81, return to US 250 East and follow it back to I-81. Alternatively, take US 250 West and begin the Little Switzerland Loop.

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