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  • Site Contact: Virginia Department of Transportation Staunton Office, (540) 332-9075
  • Site Access: Daily, sunrise-sunset; admission free: Please respect local landowners property boundaries


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Site MDS07: S Fork Shenandoah River: Hazard Mill Landing


Elevation: 578 ft. Hazard Mill is the last pull out before reaching Bentonville, 3.0 miles down river. En route from Burner's Ford, boaters will move through "The Ledge," another of the Shenandoah's Class II rapids. After a long day cruising down the river, a quick dip may be a perfect end to the day. The birds along the river change as you pass by. Flocks of swallows come and go. Riverside snags host eastern kingbird, then eastern bluebird, then, perhaps cedar waxwing. Red-tailed hawks may soar over the river passing between meadows. Perhaps a sharp-shinned hawk will dart through the open on its way back into the cover of the forest. Damselflies and dragonflies dart across the water, some stopping briefly on the edge of the canoe or on a floating branch, some continuously patrolling back and forth across their territory. No matter what season, floating down the river will bring visitors closer to a nature that will never cease to surprise.


From Burner's Ford Landing, return to the intersection of US 340 and Rt. 664. Go north on US 340 for 3.5 miles to Rt. 629. Turn left and go 1.0 mile. Turn right onto Rocky Hollow Road/Rt. 628 and continue 0.2 miles to Acorn Hill Rd. Turn left and follow it for 0.3 miles to the river. Small boats can be launched or taken out. Not recommended for large vehicles such as motor coaches or large trailers. Very limited parking. Note: This is a steep gravel road.

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