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  • Site Contact: (276) 431-4444, Duffield Development Authority
  • Site Access: Daily, sunrise-sunset; admission free


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Site MDB04: Duffield Industrial Park Trail


Elevation: 1325 ft., Though this site has yet to be developed into a formal trail, members of the local community enjoy walking along parts of the 4-mile flood channel. Open fields border the channel and attract a variety of songbirds. Mudflats and rock shores may also yield wintering and migrating shorebirds. During summer, the site is alive with vociferous and displaying red-winged blackbird. Barn and northern rough-winged swallows are abundant, as are indigo bunting, eastern meadowlark, and killdeer. Waterbirds likely in this area include belted kingfisher and two species of herons. The adjacent fields are interspersed with asters, daisies, and other wildflowers that bloom in rotation from spring to fall. Butterflies, such as sulphurs, hairstreaks, great spangled and meadow fritillaries, frequent the blooms in search of nectar. Damsels and large dragonflies can be seen patrolling the surrounding meadows.


From the Kane Gap Trail, return to US 23 and turn right/south on US 23. Follow this to its junction with US 58 in Duffield. Turn right onto US 58 West and proceed for 0.2 miles. Turn right (before the Sgt. Ross S. Carter Bridge) onto Rt. 772. Continue northwest on Rt. 772 for 0.1 miles to the Duffield Development Authority building on the left. The trail will run along the channel and can be accessed at the rear of the parking lot.

Loop Map