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Site MAH10: Callie Furnace


Elevation: 1305 ft. The hike out to Callie Furnace provides plenty of opportunities to view wildlife. The broad paths through this deciduous forest provide clear views of the flanking woodlands. Species to look for along the paths to the furnace include red-shouldered hawk, northern flicker, ruffed grouse, pileated woodpecker, white-breasted nuthatch, red-eyed vireo, and ovenbird. The broad paths also host several species of dragonflies, with common whitetail and widow skimmer being especially dominant. Butterflies to look for include red-spotted purple, spicebush swallowtail, and eastern tailed-blue. Other possible encounters during a hike include white-tailed deer and the ornately patterned eastern box turtle.


From the Walton Tract on the Cowpasture River, return to SR 42 and continue south for 11.1 miles. Go west on I-64 for 1.5 miles to Exit 27. Travel south on US 220 and proceed 4.3 miles to Rt. 633. Go west on Rt. 633 for 2.4 miles to Rt. 622 in the Town of Glen Wilton. Turn right onto Rt. 622, cross the railroad tracks, and turn right at the stop sign. Follow Rt. 622 for 0.5 miles and bear left at Rt. 718/yield intersection. Follow Rt. 718 for 0.7 miles to the ‘End State Maintenance' sign, continue straight, and then bear right onto FR 1629 to a U.S. Forest Service gate (approximately 0.2 miles). Follow FR 1629 for 0.7 miles to the Callie Furnace parking lot. Callie Furnace is 0.3 miles up the trail. NOTE: FR 1629 is closed from Jan.-Mar. and July-Sept.

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