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Site MAH04: Indian Draft - Jackson River Float Trip


Elevation: 1341 ft. The rapids at Indian Draft, although not large enough to cause any real danger, add a little excitement to the float down from Gathright Dam. Travelers pass through a corridor flanked by sycamores on both sides and a ceiling of clear blue sky. Moving down the river provides a continual change in landscape and wildlife. Each turn provides the observer with a surprise–maybe a white-tailed doe and her spotted fawn or perhaps a family of wood ducks with their fluffy young. On closer inspection, the banks hold numerous varieties of wildflower, including orange and yellow jewelweeds, black-eyed Susan, Asian dayflower and many more.


From Smith Bridge, return west on North Smith Bridge Road to Rt. 687. Turn left and follow Rt. 687 south for 1.2 miles to Indian Draft on the left.

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