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Site MAH03: Smith Bridge - Jackson River Float Trip


Elevation: 1368 ft. The stretch of the river at Smith Bridge has a magical feel as it passes between various stages of forest growth from open grass fields to massive ancient sycamores and yellow poplars. The river along this stretch provides homes to water birds such as great blue and green herons, wood duck, and belted kingfisher. Eastern painted turtles populate the fallen logs emerging from the water, while bullfrogs boom from both banks. The edges of the Jackson River are a good area to search for dragon- and damselflies. Dragonflies, such as widow and slaty skimmers, eastern amberwing, common whitetail, common green darner, and damselflies, such as ebony jewelwing, powdered dancer and several bluets and forktails, could occur.


From Johnson Springs, continue east on Rt. 638 for 0.3 miles to Rt. 687. Turn right, heading south approximately 3.8 miles to North Smith Bridge Road. Turn left and go 0.6 miles to the river.

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