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Site CTW07: Chub Sandhill Natural Area Preserve, Sussex County


From the parking area, a 0.4-mile trail leads through the mixed hardwood forest to a platform that overlooks the Nottoway River. Depending on the season, birds may be plentiful along this trail. During summer, birders can expect white-breasted and brown-headed nuthatches and several species of flycatchers and woodpeckers, along with the usual allotment of chickadees and titmice. Continuing to the boat ramp, visitors are more likely to encounter riparian birds such as prothonotary warbler and several species of herons and egrets.


From Sunken Meadow, return east to Rt. 609/Sunken Meadow Road and turn right. Continue for 0.8 miles to its intersection with Rt. 610/Swanns Point Road. Turn right on Rt. 610 and travel 2.1 miles. Turn left onto Rt. 646 and proceed 0.3 miles to the intersection; proceed straight on SR 40W. Continue for 19.7 miles and turn left on SR 35S. Drive 4.7 miles and turn right on Rt. 631; continue 2.4 miles to the parking area on the right. From the Chub Sandhill Natural Area Preserve, continue 0.3 miles on Rt. 631, across the bridge, and immediately turn right to the public boat landing on the Nottoway River.

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