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Site CTW06: Sunken Meadow Pond


Sunken Meadow Pond has two access points that are very different. The northernmost access point presents a vista of cypress trees emerging from the placid waters of the pond. The cypresses provide excellent perches for the numerous fledgling ospreys that are vociferously begging for food by early August. The roadside at this northern access point is covered with a dense growth of shrubs and vines that attracts numerous butterflies. In turn, these butterflies attract a variety of predacious dragonflies. At the southern end of the pond, a short elevated causeway provides views of the water from north and south. Watch here for waterfowl, large waders, and woodland songbirds. During winter, the pond attracts puddle ducks, including gadwall and American widgeon, as well as tundra swans and divers, such as ring-necked duck and hooded merganser. Throughout the year, bald eagles may be seen at either end of the pond. Nearby eating and picnic facilities make this a great site.


Exit Chippoke's Plantation State Park's main entrance and travel west (right) on Rt. 634 for 3.6 miles. At SR 10, turn right and continue 1.7 miles. At the intersection of SR 10 and SR 31, continue straight onto Rt. 626/ Oakwood Drive. Oakwood Drive becomes Lebanon Road. Travel 3.0 miles and turn right onto Beaverdam Road (still Rt. 626). Continue for 4.5 miles and turn right onto Sunken Meadow Road/Rt. 609. The northern site: Turn right on Rt. 609 and continue 2.1 miles to the bridge crossing the northern end of the pond opposite Sunny Meadow Beach Estates. Parking is limited. The southern site: Retrace your steps to Rt. 626 and Rt. 609, turn right on Rt. 626, and continue 1.2 miles to a causeway crossing the south end of the pond.

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