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Site CTW03: Fort Boykin Historic Park


Fort Boykin is a small, partly wooded park on a high bluff overlooking the James River. The site dates back to 1623 and commemorates a fort that protected the Commonwealth for 239 years. Subsequently, gardens were established around the ruins of the fort. A 12-station trail interprets the historic aspects of the site. As the trail is walked, a variety of songbirds such as eastern wood-pewee, and northern cardinal may be encountered. Butterflies flitting along the bushy edges include summer azure, pipevine swallowtail, American snout, and eastern tailed blue. From the bluff, bald eagles and ospreys can be seen soaring over the James River, as well as more common birds such as Forster's tern and several species of swallows.


Return 1.0 miles on Rt. 669/Nike Park Road and turn right on Rt. 665. Travel for 1.5 miles to its junction with US 258, turn right onto US 258, and proceed for one mile. Bear right where SR 10 West joins US 258. Continue 7.8 miles on SR 10 Bypass and turn right onto SR 10 East/Old Stage Highway. Travel 0.7 miles and turn left on Morgarts Beach Road/Rt. 673. Go 2.3 miles to Fort Boykin Historical Park Entrance Gate.

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