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Site CSY11: Stumpy Lake


This 1400-acre site includes a large cypress-lined lake, a golf course, and woodlands of pine/oak/sweetgum. The shady lake margin produces aquatic plants such as lizardtail and buttonbush that provide nectar for a number of butterfly species. Birds are numerous at the lake edge and include prothonotary warbler and nesting bald eagle. Anhingas occur here regularly in summer, and, in fall, the site attracts good numbers of migrating shorebirds. The boggy section along the entrance road is excellent for dragonflies. Although access conditions will change when the area becomes partially converted into a city park, for now, visitors should take particular care to avoid crossing fairways and greens.


From Munden Point Park, return to Princess Anne Road and turn left. Proceed about 10 miles and turn left onto Indian River Road. Continue 7.6 miles and turn left onto Elbow Road. Travel 0.1 miles and turn right, continuing on Indian River Road. Drive 1.4 miles and turn left at the Stumpy Lake Golf Course and Driving Range Entrance.

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