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Site CSF07: Lake Prince


A permit is required to launch a boat from this site. Please call ahead. This 810-acre lake is a popular fishing destination. Much of this lake, with its fingerlike coves projecting inland, is inaccessible to the public by land. These secluded coves can be productive for the boating wildlife viewer in search of wintering waterfowl. Like other lakes in the area, Lake Prince is completely surrounded by forest. During summer, visitors can expect to see flycatchers, woodpeckers, summer tanager, blue grosbeak, and other forest songbirds. During winter, there is an influx of sparrows that may be seen foraging along the weedy margins of the woods.


From Western Branch Reservoir, return to Rt. 604. Turn left on Rt. 604 and follow it for 3.7 miles to Lake Cahoon-Meade Fishing Station. Pay attention to where Rt. 604 goes as it weaves back and forth changing from Lake Prince Road to Providence Road.Viewable only by boat.

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