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Site CPW06: Chopawamsic Wildlife Viewing Area, Quantico Marine Base


A trail leads through the area's mixed woodlands and the extensive wetlands along Chopawamsic Creek. A viewing platform greatly enhances the wildlife watching experience by providing a raised vantage point to scan for animals. The largely undeveloped creek, marsh, and surrounding wooded slopes provide a good mixture of different wildlife habitats. Waterfowl and other wetland species particularly benefit; large wintering flocks of geese, ducks, and hundreds of tundra swans utilize the creek for feeding and resting. Migratory songbirds abound in the forest during the temperate months, with intense activity in the spring. Ospreys and bald eagles occur here, as do waders such as green heron, great egret, and great blue heron.


From Merrimac Farm WMA return to Rt. 611/Fleetwood Drive and turn right. Follow Fleetwood Drive 1.2 miles back to Rt. 646/Aden Road. Turn right on Aden Road and follow it for 6.3 miles to SR 234/Dumfries Road. Turn right onto Dumfries Road and travel 6.3 miles, bear right on SR 234/Dumfries Road and continue another 1.0 miles to US 1 South. Turn right onto US 1 South and continue for 4.7 miles to Russell Road. Travel east on Russell Road (left) and continue for 1.5 miles to the wildlife viewing area on the right. (Have picture ID available for the gate sentry. Access to this site may be restricted during times of heightened security.) To return to I-95, follow Russell Road back to US 1. Cross over US 1 and continue to I-95.

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