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Site CPW01: Town of Occoquan


The entire Town of Occoquan, located along the Occoquan River, has been designated as a bird sanctuary. For a quiet and scenic view of the river, with access to riparian woodlands, visitors can cross the footbridge near the water treatment facility, turn right and walk along the quiet road. Walnut, sycamore, princess tree, and tulip poplar trees shade this roadway. An understory of grapevine, poison ivy, and greenbriar provide food and cover for songbirds. Roadside plants such as Queen Anne's lace, passionflower, and trumpet vine provide food for ruby-throated hummingbird and a variety of butterflies. The bridge allows a good opportunity to look for the locally common mallard, Canada goose, and belted kingfisher. Additional waterfowl occur during winter.


From I-95 South, take Exit 160/SR 123 North, approximately 0.7 miles to Commerce Street. Turn left, drive 1 block, turn right on Washington Street, proceed one block, turn left on Mill Street, go 3 blocks and park near the dead end by the water treatment plant.

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