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Site CPL11: Fort Pocahontas and Sherwood Forest Plantation


Fort Pocahontas is best known for its history during the Civil War. It was a supply depot built and manned by hundreds of United States Colored Troops under the direct command of Brigadier General Edward Augustus Wild. On May 24, 1864, action resulted in a victory for the USCT against an attack led by Major General Fitzhugh Lee, Robert E. Lee's nephew. The fort occupies a large area on the banks of the James River. From this area, expect to see bald eagles year-round, as well as many other birds common along the river. Sherwood Forest Plantation, just up the road, was home to John Tyler, 10th President of the United States. The plantation is 25 acres of terraced gardens and serene woodlands. The owners have planted a plethora of flowering plants to attract both birds and butterflies. There are over 80 varieties of centuries-old trees, 29 of which are not indigenous to the United States. Visitors should park in the guest lot and sign in at the Plantation. Information brochures are available. The entire grounds are open for exploration, but respect the area; it is private property and the owners have been gracious enough to allow entry.


From Southall Plantation return to Rt. 615 and turn right. Travel approximately 1.5 miles to Rt. 614. Turn left on Rt. 614 and continue for 3.0 miles to SR 5. Proceed across SR 5 staying on Rt. 614 (Sturgeon Point Road) until you come to the entrance gate for Fort Pocahontas. Registration and ticket sales are located at the fort entrance. To continue on to Sherwood Forest Plantation, return to SR 5 and turn left (west). Travel a short distance to the signs for the Plantation on the left.

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