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  • Seasons: Winter, Summer
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Site CPL03: Malvern Hill (Richmond National Battlefield Park)


Malvern Hill is part of the Richmond National Battlefield National Park complex and was one of Richmond's outer defenses during the Civil War. Malvern Hill was also the final unsuccessful attempt to disrupt McClellan's withdrawal during the Seven Days' Battles. A large kiosk provides detailed information on the site's trails. A 0.25 mile-long gravel trail runs along the maintained pastures, which are reminiscent of the scene as it was during the Civil War period. This is prime habitat for open grassland species like bluebirds, which can be seen flycatching from any available perch including cannons, signposts, and shrubs. The path continues along as it heads towards the Malvern Cliffs overlook. Before reaching the overlook, the trail borders the edge of a large tract of eastern deciduous forest with scattered pines. American holly dominates the forest's understory, offering food and cover to the seasonally changing assemblage of songbirds. There is also a 1.5-mile loop trail that passes through the field, crosses the street and wanders through additional forestland.


From Deep Bottom Park, return to the intersection of Deep Bottom and Kingsland Roads. Turn right on Kingsland Road, continue 0.7 miles, turn right onto SR 5/New Market Road, and drive 2.9 miles to SR 156/Willis Church Road. Proceed 1.0 mile and follow Willis Church Road left until it runs into Malvern Hill.

Loop Map