Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail

Site Information

  • Seasons: All
  • Site Contact: (540) 899-4209,
  • Site Access: Free, Daily



Site CNN16: Route 608 at Farnham Creek Public Landing


This small, tranquil site offers a secluded view of Farnham Creek, a Rappahannock River tributary. The tidal creek is surrounded by largely coniferous forest that dominates its shorelines. The woods can be packed with warblers, woodpeckers, vireos, and numerous other birds during the breeding season. Osprey, wading birds, bald eagles, and wintering waterfowl can be seen foraging in this secluded creek. The boat launch also offers a nice opportunity to bird from canoe or kayak.


From Belle Isle State Park, return to Rt. 683/Belle Isle Road and SR 354, turn left on SR 354, travel 3.0 miles and turn left on SR 3. Continue 2.7 miles and turn left on Rt. 608/Farnham Creek Road. Follow Rt. 608 for 3.4 miles to the boat landing on the left.

Loop Map