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Site CNN14: Hickory Hollow Nature Trail


The Hickory Hollow Nature Trail offers 3.5 miles of footpaths that meander through 250 acres of second growth deciduous forest. This site, protected from development by the Northern Neck Audubon Chapter, is home to many interesting breeding birds including Acadian flycatcher, hooded, and black-and-white warblers. The park is also home to over 500 plant species, including beautiful wildflowers. Careful lookers can be treated to rare orchids and emerging mushrooms after a heavy, late summer rain. There are abundant springs and seeps in the ravine areas that harbor a variety of species, including the rare Tidewater amphipod, a small crustacean. Please remember that Hickory Hollow is a Natural Area Preserve and as such, contains sensitive natural communities. Respect this area by staying on designated paths, leaving pets in the car or at home, and not removing anything from the area.


From Baylor Park Nature Trail, turn right onto VA 3. After 4.2 miles watch for Hickory Hollow signs, and turn right onto Rt. 604/ Regina Road. Continue 0.3 miles to the parking lot on the left.

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