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Site CMT09: Mobjack Bay


This small public parcel of land is at the tip of the small White's Neck peninsula, bordered to the west by the North River and to the east by the East River. Both rivers empty into Mobjack Bay, a small, ragged indentation of the Chesapeake Bay. A pier, just offshore, provides roosts for a seasonally changing variety of birds. During summer, wildlife watchers can expect osprey, gulls, terns, brown pelican, and the occasional clapper rail. In winter, avian visitors include loons, tundra swans, and diving ducks. During migration, watch for shorebirds on both rocky and muddy shorelines bordering the site and land birds in the trees near the road. In summer, gardens just behind the bay's edge are attractive to several species of butterflies.


From the New Point Comfort Nature Preserve, return to the intersection of Rt. 600/SR 14, continue straight on SR 14 for 13.1 miles, and turn left on Rt. 660/River Road. Travel 6.3 miles to a small area of public frontage at the edge of Mobjack Bay. Park on the side of the road and do not trespass on private property. To return to I-64, return to VA 14 West. Turn left and follow VA 14 for 12 miles to US 17. Follow US 17 south for approximately 20 miles to I-64

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