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  • Seasons: Migrations, Winter
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Site CMT07: New Point Wharf


New Point Wharf is a small site bordered by private property. From the road's end, the Chesapeake Bay and the remnants of a large wharf can be scoped for a variety of species, including osprey, loons and waterfowl. Visitors should check the adjacent freshwater pond and woodlands for songbirds. During fall migration, these small, forested areas can be choked with southbound neo-tropical migrants. Nearby Doctor's Creek Landing is also worth a check. The surrounding habitat is private and parking is limited, but during winter or migrations, the tidal creek, salt marsh, and nearby island host terns, sandpipers, herons, and gulls and occasionally some uncommon species. There is no public beach access from this road. Please respect private property at this site.


From Horn Harbor Landing, return to the intersection of Rt. 649/Rt. 608. Turn left on Rt. 608 and continue 2.9 miles. Turn left on SR 14, proceed 3.4 miles and turn left on Rt. 602. Continue 0.9 miles to the dead end at New Point Wharf.

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