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Site CMT05: Winter Harbor Landing


Winter Harbor Landing is a county-owned site surrounded by private property; visitors must stay on the public right-of-way. The site is backed by stands of loblolly pine and red cedar, where birds commonly frequent, especially during migrations. Large mudflats within telescope range host a variety of loafing gulls and terns, waterfowl, and more than a dozen species of shorebirds. These shorebirds attract northern harriers that nest in the nearby marshes. The channels may be explored more thoroughly by small boat.


From Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve, return to the intersection of Rt. 609/611 and continue straight on Rt. 609. Proceed 1.2 miles and turn left on Rt. 608/Potato Neck Island Road. Follow Rt. 608 for 2.6 miles to the dead end at Winter Harbor Landing. Please respect private property signs at this site; local private property and services are not available to the public without permission or fees.

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