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Site CMT02: South Haven Beach


This site offers views of Garden Creek (a tidal lagoon), the Chesapeake Bay, marshes, pinewoods, shrubby areas, and beaches. The woodlands are productive for viewing several species of nesting songbirds during the summer, and hordes of birds may be here during migrations. Garden Creek's lagoon is a good area to see migrating or wintering waterfowl, gulls, shorebirds, and large waders, such as glossy ibis and tricolored heron. In winter, rafts of diving ducks can be seen on the waters of the Bay


From the Piankatank River Landing, return to the intersection of Rt. 626/SR 198. Turn left on SR 198, continue 8.3 miles, and turn left on Rt. 644 (note that SR 198 becomes Rt. 643 after the Town of Mathews). Continue on Rt. 644 for 0.2 miles and turn right on Rt. 643/Lilly's Drive. Proceed 0.7 miles and turn right on Rt. 645. Travel south on Rt. 645 for 1.3 miles until the road ends at a tidal marsh just behind the beach. Park on the left side of the road, as directed by signs. Please respect private property signs at this site; the beach to the north is NOT available for public access.

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