Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail

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  • Seasons: Winter
  • Site Contact: (757) 727-1102
  • Site Access: Free, Daily


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Site CLP14: Chesapeake Avenue Waterfront Drive


Chesapeake Avenue gives birders a chance to scan the waters of Hampton Roads as they empty into the Chesapeake Bay. The channel's waters are most productive during winter because they are visited by birds that breed further north, including common and red-throated loons, horned grebes, tundra swans, brant, snow goose, red-breasted merganser, and Bonaparte's gull. Along the road, there are seven parking areas and scenic overlooks from which to view the water. Visitors should scan the small lagoons along the north side of the road as well.


From Grandview Nature Preserve, retrace your steps via Beach Drive and Fox Hill Road, turning right on Mercury Boulevard/US 258 South. Travel 1 mile and exit right onto La Salle South. Continue 2.8 miles on La Salle to Chesapeake Avenue and turn right. Follow Chesapeake Avenue along the coast.

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