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Site CLP03: Jamestown, a unit of Colonial National Historical Park


Jamestown Island is a low-lying island, vegetated with short grasses and open woodlands, and offers the birding historian salt-marsh, piney woods, riverside, and pond habitats. Immediately east of Jamestown Settlement, the island projects into the James River and is separated from the mainland by the Black River and an inlet known as The Thorofare. The island's 5-mile, one-way driving loop provides visitors with interpretive exhibits of the area's early industry and agriculture. During migrations, park visitors should integrate an exploration of the pine woodlands into the historic tour. The woodlands surrounding the Visitor's Center are one of the most reliable local areas for seeing brown-headed nuthatch, and the forests throughout the island host a variety of woodland birds. The fresh and salt marsh prairies are home to species of egrets, herons and other wetland-loving species. The bridge leading to the Visitor Center crosses a swampy depression that offers a good vantage point to view frogs and turtles, including the eastern mud turtle.


From Greensprings Greenway Trail at Jamestown High School, return to SR 5 and continue west for 0.7 miles. Turn left on Rt. 614 and travel 2.1 miles to the end. Turn left on SR 359. Cross over SR 31, pass Jamestown Settlement on the right to access the Colonial Parkway.

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