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  • Seasons: Winter, Migrations
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Site CES14: Gargatha Landing


A small dock that overlooks Gargathy Creek, offers a view of salt marsh and provides a good aspect for looking at blue crabs and other inshore marine life. During summer, the clapper rail is a common and vocal denizen of the salt marsh here. Also watch for nesting tree swallow, purple martin, and for the only North American dragonfly that breeds in saltwater, the seaside dragonlet.


From Onancock Wharf, return on SR 179/Market Street 2.4 miles to US 13 N. Turn left (north) for 7.0 miles to Rt. 679/Metompkin Road. Turn right and follow Rt. 679 for 2.7 miles to Rt. 680/Gargatha Landing Road. Turn right on Rt. 680/Gargatha Landing Road and drive 1.8 miles to Gargatha Landing.

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