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  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Site Contact: (757) 678-0468
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Site CES07: Indiantown Park


This county park provides good woodland habitat for spring and fall migrant songbirds, and has a lengthy trail that makes an enjoyable walk. The large multi-purpose park has a baseball diamond and soccer field, but the southern and eastern margins of the park are quite densely wooded. An overgrown, grassy trail provides access to the woodlands. Look for prairie warblers singing along the margin of the park in the tall shrubs, white-eyed vireos singing in the understory, and orchard oriole and eastern bluebirds along open area edges in summer. The park's woodlands and weedy margins also attract a variety of colorful insects including butterflies and the furtive forktail, a tiny but colorful damselfly that is quite rare in the southeastern U.S.


Exit Seaview Farm and turn right (north) on Rt. 600/Seaside Road. Travel for 1.0 mile and turn right on Indian Town Road, following it to its end at the park entrance.

Loop Map