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  • Seasons: Migrations, Summer
  • Site Contact: (703) 359-4624
  • Site Access: Free, Daily (winter: closed)
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Site CBR04: Hemlock Overlook Outdoor Learning Center and Trails


Hemlock Overlook is an outdoor learning center jointly operated by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authoirty and George Mason University. This off-the-beaten-path location offers a great site to enjoy wildlife at a relaxed pace. The trails may be used without prior arrangement and are open year round. Hemlock overlook is one of a string of natural sites running along the Occoquan Reservoir and Bull Run. Access is limited, but the overlook offers another trailhead for the Bull Run-Occoquan Trail. While on the trail, watch for an assortment of shade butterflies and damselflies such as the powdered dancer.


From Bull Run Marina, turn left on Old Yates Ford Road and drive 0.1 miles to Kinchloe Road (an unpaved road). Proceed north to Yates Ford Road, and go west (left) 1.4 miles to Hemlock Overlook.

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