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  • Seasons: All
  • Site Contact: Petersburg Parks & Leisure Services,, 804-733-2394 or 804-733-2395
  • Site Access: Open April - October, dawn - dusk
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Site CAP07: Appomattox Riverside Park


The Appomattox River is a Virginia State Scenic River and deservedly so. Spectacular views of the river are obtainable from the trails that begin at the old visitor's center. The mosaic of habitats should be attractive to wildlife during any season. Look for mallards and other waterfowl, great blue heron, bald eagle and osprey all hunting and feeding along the river. American sycamore is the dominant tree species in the riparian zone. Shrubby vegetation along the banks provides both shelter and food for birds such as northern cardinal, Carolina wren, eastern towhee and yellow-rumped warbler. A maintained power line cut is heavily vegetated with warm season grasses, broad-leaf herbs and small shrubs. The sustained early successional habitat attracts many types of birds, such as sparrows feeding on seed heads, especially in the fall. Return to the parking lot and explore the mixed woodlands where pine warblers can be heard making their presence known to prospective mates. Woodpeckers, including pileated, downy, and red-bellied, work the woods in search of hidden insect larvae. Also look for tufted titmouse, Carolina chickadee, American crow, fish crow, and ruby-crowned kinglet.


From the Appomattox River Canoe Launch, return on Chesdin Road 0.9 miles to River Road. Proceed east on SR 36/River Road approximately 2.0 miles to Pickett Avenue. Turn right and continue 0.5 miles to the park on the right. Enter the park and stop at the old visitor's center parking lot.

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